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Diversely Geek is a global non-profit organization that highlights diversity and acceptance in the community and in media.

Our vision is to promote human connections, self acceptance, and a universal understanding of diversity.

Diversely Geek focuses on highlighting the positive influences of fandom and building a framework for mental wellness, self value, and acceptance.

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Diversely Geek Discusses


Diversely Geek Discusses is a Diversely Geek web series that serves as a platform for positivity and acceptance in the community.

We chose fandom as our audience because we believe everyone is geek about something. At least one thing in our lives influences and inspires us to think and dream bigger than our circumstances may offer us.

The goal of our programming, is to spotlight the positive messages of fandom and creative works, that address marginalization, inclusivity, and mental health through their story arcs. 

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We Just Are

Here at Diversely Geek, we have a philosophy of  "We Just Are." 

"We Just Are" is a campaign that embodies our belief that we are all part of one humanity, equal and imperfectly perfect.  

Unity in diversity

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