Diversely Geek epitomizes “Positivity, diversity, & acceptance → unity”  because the spirit of the movement is a positive and optimistic attitude towards diversity which inspires a willingness to learn about and embrace what is different without limitations, which in turns leads to a blanket unity across diversity at a global level.

As a vehicle for Social Awareness, we foster open discussions within and across communities on focal issues such as depression, body image discrepancies, loss of self-worth and lack of self-confidence. Diversely Geek (DG) uses its social media platforms to highlight the positive aspects of fandom passions.  Although we enjoy posting about the great works done by artists and entertainers, it is equally, if not more, important to us, to promote the great works being done by local fans and artists.

We have two instrumental mottos at Diversely Geek. The first is a statement of self-acceptance, purpose, and self-expression. “Embrace Your Inner Geek” is meant to herald awareness of our personal diversities, our uniqueness and our willingness to share the joy of accepting all of “US.”  The second and our newer motto is, “We don’t see color, we don’t see size, we don’t see gender, we just are!” This statement inspires us as individuals, local communities, and global communities, to tear down the barriers of expectation and visual perception that harbor discrimination so that we can see each other as one and the same, regardless of color, gender and size.

Diversely Geek welcomes everyone to become part of our family! We have a fundamental belief that humanity is just that – family! And while we all appear to be different externally, these differences are simply imperfections and idiosyncrasies that make us a ball of amazingness.

Diversely Geek