What will it take to save the DCCU?


With the divisiveness between both critics and fans on the nature of Batman v Superman and with the director of The Flash stepping out as well as rumors that Aquaman director James Wan might also be stepping away from the project, this certainly draws out major questions on the future of the DC cinematic universe. Between trying to play damage control on the darker nature of their series and trying to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what will it take for DC to right that ship and find the acclaim that Marvel has found for the past several years? What DC ultimately needs to understand is that while dark motifs are perfectly fine to explore in a film, the light and positivity of a superhero is what allows these dark themes to have greater contrast and therefore effectively convey their story. BvS was a film full of unbridled potential and there was plenty to like about the film with positive messages but it often became too muddled and overall did not have a voice or clear message to send. The fact that Wonder Woman was one of the brightest aspects of BvS and that DC has taken the initiative to promote her both in the film and her upcoming solo film is an excellent step towards diversity and inclusiveness. Tackling dark and gritty for the sake of being so, however, does not a great movie make. Therefore, DC must understand that the positive features of these iconic DC characters must be able to shine through so that audiences can connect and draw inspiration from them in the way they have taken several steps towards diversity.