HEH/DG is a wellness organization that focuses on promoting positivity, diversity and acceptance throughout fandom communities, addressing issues of disparity, special emphasis on those people who may be seen as belonging to marginalized populations.

Our primary goals are to facilitate:

  1. Positive self-image, maximizing individual potential and personal development through educational initiatives
  2. Interconnectivity amongst and between fan based groups and organizations, creating symbiotic altruistic and business relationships
  3. Human-exchange that motivates relating, cultivates cross-cultural understanding and personal growth, amongst fans

HEH/DG serves as an Umbrella organization that; promotes fan positivity by supporting fan based social awareness organizations, charities, wellness initiatives, conventions, workshops etc.; facilitates fan and artists meet-ups; promotes fan organizations to network and grow their potential   

  • Create a shifting of self-imposed psycho-socio-economic paradigms amongst the target communities:
    • Using fan based exchanges,as a vehicle to encourage interconnectivity amongst peoples and communities to build interpersonal relating and personal growth. Such as fan meet-ups, book clubs, fan convention panel discussions, cosplay & artististic presentations.
    • Create a sense of cohesion and foster creativity within marginalized communities that are otherwise excluded from peer to peer relationships, through fan based exchanges.
    • Using cosplay as a tool to encourage role and character development to build self value, confidence and motivation
    • Foster, Encourage and support mutual aid amongst participants, fan based organizations, and communal entities
  • Developing programs and events as venues to teach fandom oriented skills: for example, sewing, cosplay creation, composition, A/V production, fan-art, graphic design, modeling, web design, film arts, photography and more, as the opportunity arises
  • Building and providing joyful moments that transmutes the struggle participants face due to health deficits. That may include, physical, emotional, mental or socioeconomic health disparities.

HEH/DG goals are to:

  • Assist participants to learn skillsets that are translatable and applicable to their lives;
  • Foster self-empowerment, positive self-image; and to motivate self-exploration


We are a global community of geeks that are taking the fandom scene by storm.



We proudly promote positivity, unity, diversity, and acceptance to the world.



We started out with a simple idea, and that idea is exploding into a movement.


Embracing our Inner Geek

How does one learn to accept and embrace the diversity around us without stress? How comfortable are we in the physical presence of people who wear ethnically diverse clothing, speak a different language, and who have different gestures and behavioral patterns? Or with individuals who make life choices that we may not understand? How do we feel about vegetarians, vegans, Universalists, atheists, rockers, opera lovers, hip-hop heads, ballerinas, IT addicts, gamers, Sci-Fi aficionados and action movie buffs?

We begin by understanding that each of us is a unique and wonderful Geek, a dynamic and exciting treasure-chest of beliefs, perspectives, assumptions, likes and dislikes, etc., to be discovered and celebrated. It begins with accepting ourselves as we are, by Embracing our Inner Geek, and celebrating what is unique and special about ourselves.

The next step is to understand that in the same way we wish to be accepted and respected as individuals, we should accept and respect others as they are and celebrate the uniqueness that they bring into our world. The vision of Embrace your Inner Geek is to forge a sense of unconditional acceptance and connectedness among human beings by embracing and celebrating that which is unique and special in each person.

Diversely Geek